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Web Design

For successful business in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore

                                           We make your homepage.

Web Design

The homepage is the face of the company.

When new employees make an application for employment; customers get products and the company information.

First of all, visit the homepage.

Suitable for local culture.

By creating a website that is friendly to customers, we will help your successful business.


Major Reference


SEA Realty Times


It has made various news contents easy for visitors to find.

The main news has been placed on the front so that visitors can see it immediately.

Newly updated contents are listed below with mouse or page down

It tried to grasp the entire contents at a glance.

Even and calm colors and designs were applied so as not to focus on any one content.


Singapore Start-up landing page


It conveys the trendiness of young startups.

The platform itself features and key points are implicitly expressed in one design.

The first visited user grasps the content within 10 seconds and creates curiosity.

It created a user experience to drive user registration.


Thai manufacturing company Samhwa Enterprise website


The product and company introduction are designed with confidence in consideration of the characteristics of the manufacturing company. It's important for corporate customers to feel confident when they visit the site and to easily see production products and referral information. It used videos and product pictures in a balanced way so that customers could browse and get information as if they were visiting the company.

about us

Our Message

Are you planning to enter Southeast Asia or are you already running a business?


The corporate homepage is the face of the company.


Looking at the homepage, new employees apply for employment,

Customers visit the homepage first to get information about products and companies.


However, with a friendly design that understands the local situation and language of Southeast Asia

Creating a corporate homepage with confidence is not as easy as it sounds.

Homepages that are roughly made harder degrade corporate image,

It does not give business confidence to employees and customers.


VNIB specializes in producing homepages of Korean companies that have entered Southeast Asia.

User experience (UX) and design friendly to customers in local culture

We will help Southeast Asian business succeed.

Multi-language local support available

We work together



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